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K'yuuhlgaansii hin uu dii kuyaang. I n the Haida language, my name is K'yuuhlgaansii (“Place of one’s own”).  I am of the Sgajuuga.ahl Clan--Haida eagle moiety with beaver, frog, and sculpin crests.  Born Frederick Otilius Olsen Jr in Ketchikan, I graduated High School in Juneau and now live in Sitka, Alaska. Since this is the year of Indigenous Languages, I started a weekly radio show called “Gunalchéesh!” on KCAW Sitka . A one hour celebration of Alaska Native languages, especially Tlingit and Haida. You'll hear conversations, songs, stories, and much more. Thursday nights 10:06 PM to 11 PM Alaska Time on KCAW Sitka Last Week's Show