“Gunalchéesh!” - week of November 28th

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Happy Thanksgiving!  I'm very thankful for KCAW Sitka (104.7 FM Raven Radio, kcaw.org) letting me on the air with "Gunalcheesh!", so folks can hear our endangered Alaska Native languages. Tonight, I'll play parts of two of my favorite conversations in Tlingit. One has Selena Everson, Helen Sarabia, and a baby, and the other has Lena Farkas with Hans Chester. We'll also hear a few Haida songs. We start with the Haida National Anthem and end with the Tlingit National Anthem.  10:06 PM to 11 PM

After 11 PM, we'll hear a mix of popular and rock type music to carry you into Friday. Cheers!


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