"Gunalchéesh!" - September 24/25, 2020 - Show #70

This week on "Gunalchéesh!", we will hear fluent Tsimshian speaker John Reese and a lot of music.  We'll hear two songs each by Dave Nelson III (Tsimshian), Dionne Brady-Howard with daughter Izzy (Tlingit), Haida Gwaii Singers' Guujaaw (Haida), and the group Pamyua (Yupik).  We'll also hear Sondra Segundo (Haida), Robert Davidson with Terri-Lynn Williams-Davidson (Haida), Cheryl Naomi Sampson (Tsimshian), and The Patkotak Sisters (Inupiaq) and more.   Roby Littlefield of Sitka hosts.

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