"Gunalchéesh!" - October 1/2, 2020

This week on "Gunalchéesh!", we will hear spoken Haida (Dr Erma Lawrence and Dr Jordan Lachler), Tlingit (Charlie Joseph), and Tsimshian (Mique’l Dangeli). We'll hear three songs by the Haida Gwaii Singers, two songs each by the group Pamyua (Yupik), Dave Nelson III (Tsimshian), and Dionne Brady-Howard with daughter Izzy (Tlingit). We'll also hear Sondra Segundo (Haida), Terri-Lynn Williams-Davidson (Haida), Roby Littlefield (Tlingit), Aleut Voices (Aleut), and the band Khu.éex’ Tlingit). Roby Littlefield hosts.
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