"Gunalchéesh!" - August 25 and 30, and September 2, 2021

This week on "Gunalchéesh!", we hear spoken Haida, Tlingit, and Ts'msyen.  In Tlingit, we hear Hans Chester speaking with Florence Sheakley and also Charlie Joseph speaking about his bear tunic.  Ben Spence talks about the month of August in Ts'msyen and Jane Kristovich talks about spruce roots in Haida.  We'll hear 2 songs by Pamyua (Yupik) as well as songs by Dionne Brady-Howard (Tlingit), Khu.éex’ (Tlingit), Terri-Lynn Williams-Davidson (Haida), Mungo Martin (Haida), and Robert Davidson (Haida).  Hosted by K'yuuhlgáansii (kyooth-GAWN-see, "Place of One's Own", Haida) on Lingit Aani (Tlingit land) in Sitka, Alaska at KCAW Sitka.


Airs Wednesday August 25th after the 8 PM news on KCAW Sitka and kcaw.org as well as Monday August 30th on KSTK Wrangell and kstk.org, and Thursday September 2nd on KRBD Ketchikan and krbd.org.


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