"Gunalchéesh!" - September 1, 2021

Tonight after the 8 PM news, listen to an encore episode of "Gunalchéesh!" radio show #85 featuring the Tlingit language with a conversation between George Ramos and Hans Chester. Aired January 21, 2021 on KCAW Sitka FM and KCAW.org and January 21, 2021 on KSTK Wrangell FM and KSTK.org. 

In between segments, we hear 2 songs in Haida by Guujaaw as well as songs by Terri-Lynn Williams-Davidson (Haida), Pamyua (Yupik), Khu.éex' (Haida, Tlingit), and Roby Littlefield (Tlingit). K’yuuhlgáansii (Haida) hosts from Lingit Aani (Tlingit Land) in Sitka, Alaska. 
Listen Live Wednesdays at 8:06 PM on KCAW Sitka FM and KCAW.org or available for one week at https://www.kcaw.org/.../Wednesday%208%20to%2010.mp3... (begins at the 2 minute mark)


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